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Welcome to TESG’s Distance Learning Site!

During the COVID-19 closure, TESG is committed to continuing to provide standards-based, engaging learning experiences for our students, even if these experiences must happen remotely or digitally! The House websites linked below contain all the lessons, links, activities, and submission requirements students and families need to participate in TESG’s Distance Learning.

This week is a soft launch for the websites and their tools. We will not be taking grades for work this week or requiring that assignments be completed. Instead, this week is a chance for you and your student to visit the House websites, play in the apps and tools, try out new login information, practice using Zoom for office hours and conferences, and make sure everything is working well before the activities do become required beginning March 30th.

House Websites

K House Website

1st/2nd House Website

3rd/4th House Website

5th/6th House Website

7th House Website

Arts Team Website

Diverse Learners Website

Ms. Moore’s Counselor’s Corner Website

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FAQs about Distance Learning

What is on the websites?

Every Monday morning at 10:00am, each House’s website will go live with new content! You will find these links above. These websites will host all the assignments, links, resources, and other information your student will need to complete their work. Arts classes also have websites with activities for students to complete! Assignments will be due on a weekly basis by 11:59pm Sunday nights. Submission requirements and processes will vary by House, so be sure to read the assignment descriptions carefully and reach out to teachers with any questions about how to submit assignments. 

Something isn’t working. Where can I get help with these apps?

Click the name of some of the most commonly used apps below for a link to their help guide:

Epic      SeeSaw       Prodigy      Kahn Academy      Moby Max

NewsELA        Zearn        LearnZillion        Happy Numbers

If you have multiple children who are using SeeSaw, you may want to ask their teachers to activate your Family account. The Family App is separate from the Student App in SeeSaw, and it is only for viewing submissions and teacher feedback and commenting on your child’s posts. You child can’t post new assignments using the Family App, so each child will still have to log in individually to the their student account through the Student App to upload new assignments. However, if you have multiple children, the Family App can be helpful for tracking what your kids are submitting and seeing the teachers’ feedback all in one place. Once the teachers have invited you to your Family account, if you need help adding multiple children, click here:

What are “office hours”?

During certain hours each day, each House will hold virtual office hours using Zoom. When you log into the Zoom session, you or your student will be able to talk to one of the House teachers about assignments and lessons, ask questions, get login help, or just check in and say hi! No need to wait for your homeroom teacher’s time–anyone in the House can help! These are not private Zoom sessions, so this is not a time to conference about individual student progress or anything too personal.

What are student conferences?

Each homeroom teacher will connect with their students individually on a weekly or biweekly basis for conferences via Zoom or phone. These conferences might include reading, writing, or math talks; conversations about assignments; or discussions about questions a student may have. 

Need help with Zoom? See the help video below.

How will you take attendance?

We will not be officially taking attendance during distance learning. But even though there won’t be attendance attendance records, we still want to make sure that all our students are able to participate in the distance learning program. Please let your teachers know if you are experiencing difficulties or need support. 

How will I know if my student is completing their work?

Teachers will enter scores for the past week’s assignments by 5:00pm each Tuesday in PowerSchool. These will be visible immediately in the Parent Portal. All families have received a new Parent Portal letter. If you already have a working account, you can disregard this letter; otherwise, that letter will have all the information you need to create that account. If you need help creating your account, see the guide here

During the COVID-19 closure, will not be entering our usual 1-4 scores into PowerSchool. Instead, we will focus on students’ participation and score assignments as complete, incomplete, or missing. Students will get specific feedback about their assignments and their learning during Zoom conferences, on SeeSaw, or within other apps their House may be using.

  • For help creating a ParentPortal account or viewing and understanding your student’s assignments and scores, see the How To document here.
  • If you need help with your username or password, email Mr. Durham at
  • If you are locked out of your account, email Dr. Bocci at

We have no internet access and/or no device. What can we do?

If you have a device, but no internet, Spectrum is offering free home internet access for K-12 students. Enrollment is by phone: 1-844-488-8395.

While the school can’t offer loaner devices or facilitate the exchange of goods or services between families, we do know that there are both folks wanting to donate devices and folks who may need devices. We encourage families to continue communicating directly with each other about what you may need or have to offer via Facebook or other social media.

If you are unable to secure a device for your student, please let your teacher know. We can provide hard copy packets of work for your student. These packets will be mailed each Monday. Because of the stay-at-home order, you will still have to upload your student’s completed assignments to SeeSaw each week for the teacher to provide feedback on them.