We know how excited our families are to get to know our staff! Click on the names below to read our staff members’ letters of introduction to the TESG community. If you don’t see all of your grade level staff listed below, keep checking back. We will add the remaining names as folks give us permission to feature them on our website. 

Administrative Team

 Melissa Bocci and Heather Moore (School Co-Directors)

Angel Biegert (Business and Facilities Manager)    Arthur Durham (Office Manager)

Toni Moore (Counselor)     

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Kindergarten Team

Haylee Blauert (Teacher)    Dee Taylor (Assistant Teacher)     Andrya Kelly (Assistant Teacher)

1st/2nd Grade Team

         Adrienne Flippin (Teacher)      Blen Enuol (Teacher)     Jessica Edwards (Teacher)   Denise Louhichi (Teacher)     Kaitlyn Sewell (Assistant Teacher)

3rd/4th Grade Team

Ashlee Eplee (Teacher)          Beth Meyer (Teacher)          Kris DeBell (Teacher)             Robyn Mykytyn (Teacher)     Darcy Pegram (Assistant Teacher)                 

5th/6th Grade Team

     Kani Adon (Teacher)     Laura Shelton (Teacher)     Dara Nix-Stevenson (Teacher)     Jennifer Smith (Teacher)    Michelle Mickel (Assistant Teacher, Grades 5th-7th)

7th Grade Team

Benjamin Francisco (Teacher)     Asya Taylor (Teacher)     Michelle Mickel (Assistant Teacher, Grades 5th-7th)

Enrichment Teachers

Alexandra Warren (Movement Teacher)     Kat Seno (Art Teacher)      Mark Smith (Music Teacher)     Jessica Romero (Spanish Teacher)

Diverse Learners Team

Kat Morgan (EC Teacher)     Suzanne Woodard (EC Teacher)     Terri Watson (EC Teacher)   Beth Burns (EC Teacher)     Kathy Carpenter (EC Assistant)     Jessica Romero (ELL)