The governor has issued an executive order to close all K-12 school buildings to students through the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

TESG’s Distance Learning Program is now live! You can find all the House Websites and a FAQ list to help you get started here.

For more information about COVID-19, please click here.

We know this will be a difficult time for many of our families. We are committed to ensuring that learning continues and that all students continue to receive the supports they typically receive at school. 

Thank you for being part of our community,
Melissa Bocci and Heather Moore

School Co-Directors

The Experiential School of Greensboro is a free, public charter school serving students in grades K-8 located in Downtown Greensboro.

Our mission is to educate creative critically engaged citizens using an experiential curriculum that extends the classroom into the downtown Greensboro community.

TESG students meet their academic learning goals through an instructional program that centers experiential education, design-based learning, and social justice

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TESG’s Conceptual Framework

When you look at our logo, it might remind you of a globe. Others might see an atom or a gear. But did you know our logo is also a visual represention of our conceptual framework for teaching and learning?

At the center, we have Experiential Education (EE), the philosophy that guides how we design our curriculum. The logo’s shape and many circles evoke a cyclical movement, just like EE is a cycle of experience, reflection, generalization, and application. Circling around the center are four C shapes. These stand for Creativity, Curiosity, Community, and Critical Engagement–words that describe how we engage students and bring EE to life in our curriculum. Our base is Social Justice because social justice education underpins and interweaves all that we do at TESG.

Click here to learn more about the school’s methods and social justice mission.