We are so happy you have joined our TESG community! The Experiential School of Greensboro is founded upon the principle of partnership between the school and the families of our students. A major factor in the positive development of our children is the quality of family involvement in the life of the school and of each student. To support this partnership, we make these committments:

Our Commitment to You

Recognizing the enormous potential within each of your children, we will:

  • provide a safe and supportive environment;
  • encourage your child to explore, analyze, challenge and develop all of their capabilities and gifts — intellectual, artistic, physical, ethical and social;
  • allow your child to experience the joy of learning;
  • teach your child to be proactive, self-directed, and to take responsibility for their learning;
  • help your child realize that they can choose to learn anything;
  • teach your child to set goals and to measure success;
  • communicate regularly with you regarding the progress of your child.

In addition, your child will:

  • be a part of a community that centers social justice priniciples;
  • learn to collaborate with others;
  • learn to respect others and value their perspectives;
  • learn how to resolve conflict peacefully;
  • learn that revealing shortcomings is an opportunity for curiosity and growth;
  • learn to respect property;
  • learn to respect and protect the environment;
  • demonstrate, at a minimum, a year of academic growth for each year of instruction.

Your Commitment to Us

We cannot accomplish these goals alone. As our partner, you will be asked to:

  • read to (or with) your child for at least 30 minutes every day;
  • ensure that your child gets a good night’s sleep 
  • attend school meetings and functions, and all scheduled parent-teacher conferences;
  • send your child with nutritious food (no sodas or candy please) in reusable containers whenever possible;
  • support TESG’s work ethic which includes all children cleaning up after themselves and each other;
  • support TESG’s commitment to learning and practicing sound environmental methods;
  • provide appropriate work/play clothes and shoes — TESG children get very messy and play outside in all weather;
  • teach your child to respect themselves and others;
  • address concerns immediately and directly with people involved
  • monitor and support healthy internet use including responsible email use for your child

Family Communication

To encourage parent involvement in the activities of the school, TESG shares information with our school community in several ways:

  • TESG Newsletter is emailed periodically. These are also posted on Facebook and archived on the website. Join our mailing list here
  • TESG’s School Website (www.tesgk8.org) includes general information about the school mission, programs, staff, calendar of events and timely announcements such as school closings due to inclement weather.
  • TESG’s School Facebook Page includes general information about the school mission, programs, staff, calendar of events and timely announcements such as school closings due to inclement weather.
  • Weekly House Newsletters are sent by your child’s teacher to your email. If you would like a paper copy, please contact our Executive Director.
  • Backpack Announcements are sent home periodically with your child. Please check his/her/their backpack every day. 
  • Posted Announcements relevant to the school community are on display at the school.  Parents can call the school office for further instructions on posting.

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