After School Programs

2022-2023 Options:

We are once again partnering with the Community Theater of Greensboro and The Center for Visual Arts for After School Programming. Both programs will take place at their perspective sites. Bus transportation will be available from the school to CTG and CVA. If interested please click the links below to sign up.

*Please click here for more information from CTG.

*Please click here for more information from CVA.


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Before School Care

TESG will provide for a fee before school care from 7:30-8:00 for children who have registered prior to attending the program. This before school care costs $20 per week. Payment can be made by cash or check in the Front Office. We have to collect a fee for the service in order to provide the additional staff necessary to supervise the children. For families who qualify for free and reduced lunch, a fee reduction is available. Please see a School Director for details or register here.

Children who have registered for the before school care program may arrive at 7:30. Students will receive a morning snack and engage in free or directed play time until 8:00 am. 

Students not enrolled in the before school program may enter the building at 8:00. At 8:00, all students will be sent to their classrooms for morning work and play time with their teachers and classmates.

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Facilitated After School Care

We know that affordable, quality after school care is crucial for families with working caregivers. We offer five types of facilitated after school care for families.

The Community Theater of Greensboro has partnered with TESG to offer Drama Time. The programs runs daily from 3:30-6:00 pm and is hosted on-site at the school. Students participating in the program explore a variety of creative and performing arts activities like singing, movement, acting, improvisation, and arts and crafts. The program is designed to promote self-expression, imagination, public speaking skills, social and mental awareness, physical coordination, self-confidence, self-discipline, self-respect, and teamwork skills.

Drama Time TESG 2019_2020

TESG has partnered with the Center for Visual Artists to offer after school, holiday, and teacher workday care through CVA’s Art in the Afternoons and Artventure programs.

Families register for these programs directly with CVA and all fees are paid directly to CVA. On school days at 3:30, TESG staff will be responsible for transporting children from the school to the CVA studios on the 4th floor of the Greensboro Cultural Arts Center. We gather children enrolled in CVA KidStudio to a central meeting area, ensure that children are ready for the walk, accompany them on foot to the CVA studios, and sign them in to their rooms. Families are responsible for picking their child up from the CVA studios.

On holidays and teacher workdays, families are responsible for registering their child for Artventure in advance of the day and for dropping off and picking up their child directly from the CVA studios.

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City Recreation Centers and the Spears YMCA

The city of Greensboro offers after school and teacher workday care that families may arrange if they better suit their needs. Details about the city and YMCA after school care programs can be found here: Recreation Center After School Programs and Spears YMCA

The Spears YMCA, Lindley Rec Center, Craft Rec Center, Caldcleugh Multicultural Center, Trotter Rec Center, and Lewis Rec Centers are stops on our community bus routes. We do not provide transportation to other recreation centers or YMCAs. To use these rec centers, you register directly with them. You’ll need to be sure they are willing to meet your child at the TESG bus, as we are not able to walk them into the building. 

Classes at Local Organizations

A variety of classes are on offer for students of all ages at the Children’s Museum, Greenhill, Drama Center, Dance Project, and other organizations located near the school. These classes can be a great option for families that do not need full-time care or that simply want their child to experience extracurricular enrichment opportunities.

For classes that begin at 3:45 or 4:00, TESG staff can walk children to their class location and sign them in. Families are then responsible for picking their child up directly from the class location. Families are also responsible for registering their children for these classes directly with the organization offering them and for paying all applicable fees directly to that organization.

Please visit the organizations’ individual websites for information about their upcoming courses.

On-site Clubs

TESG staff and our community partners may offer when possible a rotating slate of clubs and activities for students after school from 3:45-4:45. These clubs and activities can be a great option for families that do not need full-time care or that simply want their child to experience extracurricular enrichment opportunities.

The exact nature of these clubs will be determined based on staff and student interest and participation may require nominal fees.