State Testing at TESG

tesg dots borderAt different points during the school year, TESG must participate in the series of state standardized tests. At the beginning of the year, students in Grade 3 must take the Beginning-of-Grade Reading test, known as the BOG3. At the end of the year, we have a series of End-of-Grade tests known as the EOGs. All students grades 3rd-6th must take their EOG tests in reading and math, and 5th & 8th graders also take an EOG science test.  8th graders who are taking Math 1 will take the End of Course test. 

While at many schools, preparing for these tests becomes the sole focus of learning in the final months (and often the whole year!), TESG does things differently. We know that these tests are important because they are how the state will measure our academic success, but we also know that our students have demonstrated what they’ve learned in many hands-on, project-based, and experiential activities and assessments throughout the year. This test score is only one measure of that learning, and so while we want to ensure that kids are familiar with the format of the test and, of course, the material that will be on it, our teaching and learning practices are not test-driven.

For 2022-2023, 3rd  grade families will be notified about the BOG date at the beginning of the school year. For EOG dates, please see the calendar below. A few notes about EOGs and state testing:

  • We set make-up dates for specific tests, but if a child misses both the regular and make-up dates, they will still have the opportunity to test on the day they are able to return to school. 
  • The EOG testing window runs the last 10 days of the school year. The state must approve any requests from parents for students to test outside this window, and they generally only grant such exceptions in the case of military relocations. In the past, more Test-Outside-the-Window requests were approved, but likely limitations will be more strictly enforced. If you know that your child will not be at school during the 10-day window or will miss the regular test and scheduled make-up test day, please let Ms. Shaw know as soon as possible to discuss options. 
  • North Carolina does not offer an opt-out process for state testing, and TESG is held accountable for our participation rate on EOG tests. If you have questions about these state policies, please contact Ms. Shaw. She would be happy to discuss the state testing process with you in more detail. 

2022-2023 Testing Calendar*

Screenshot (21)

*all dates are subject to change. Final confirmation will be communicated to families the first week of school for BOGs (as state guidelines allow) and the first week of May for EOGs.

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