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An end of year message from the Coordinating Committee of the Community Collaborative

Look Back. Grow Forward.

The TESG Community Collaborative has grown this year, working on a foundation that we hope will push us forward for our kids and for our community. 

Growth doesn’t happen alone. 

Thank you for the long hours put in by parents and community volunteers, from fundraising and staff appreciation to beautifying our school and creating events for our kids. Thank you for participating and for helping your child learn. Thank you for building an inclusive community. Thank you for being open and for learning with us. Donations of materials and time spent thoughtfully structuring our systems–those things matter. You matter.

Spring and summer have not gone as we hoped. We feel your anxiety, and we’re here for you, in words and in actions. In this time of social distancing, we want you to know that your TESG community is not far away. Reach out and tell us what you need or share your visions for this community, no matter what the subject is. Listening is key, and you have an open ear here. We look back to the past for strength and grow forward to the future with hope.

As the 2022-2023 school year approaches, we ask that you grow with us. To get involved or find out more about the TESG Community Collaborative, email You can also find out information about our mission and how to get involved below.


A group of parents, teachers and community members who want to support and engage with our teachers, students and the community. 

This group’s primary function centers around community within our school and Greensboro. We are organized into five main working groups: the Beautification and Outdoor Spaces Team, the Fundraising and Finance Group, the Social Justice Advisory Group, the Communications Team, and the Staff Appreciation Team. A liaison for each working group is also part of the Coordinating Committee of the Community Collaborative (aka the C4). 

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month from 5:30-6:00, but individual working groups may meet at separate times. 

There are many ways to participate! Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours, we hope all parents will get involved. If you are interested in joining a particular working group, email the liaison for more information about that group’s current projects and meeting schedule. Have lots of ideas? Please attend our C4 leadership meetings, held monthly!   

Upcoming events and collaborative news will be included in school newsletters. You can also email the liaisons:

  • Beautification and Outdoor Spaces Team (liaison: tba) at
  • Fundraising and Finance Group (liaisons: Tiffany Graves) at
  • Social Justice Advisory Group (liaison: Nicole Walker) at
  • Communications Team (liaisons: Samantha McLeod and Shea Wells) at
  • Staff Appreciation Team (liaison: Rachel Morton) at

Additionally, please look for information on TESG’s website and Facebook page.  Facebook handle: @tesg2018



The C4 is made up of the liaisons from each of the Community Collaborative’s Working Groups. Currently, the C4 is working on defining the Community Collaborative’s mission, vision, and structure. The next meeting is TBD. Meetings are open to all.

September Meeting Minutes

November Meeting Minutes

December Meeting Agenda

January Meeting Minutes

February Meeting Minutes

March Meeting–Cancelled due to COVID

April Meeting-Cancelled due to COVID

May Meeting Minutes


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TESG depends on our family partners to accomplish our goals, just as you depend on TESG to provide the best possible education for your child. Family involvement is a cornerstone of our charter and mission, and our vibrant parent community does amazing things for our school.  We engage families through parent-teacher conferences, school events and volunteering. We seek to welcome and connect all of our families to the school. We believe increased parent engagement is a one of the single most important contributors to student and school success. 

We understand that not all families have time during the school day to give working on our campus, and so we do not mandate a specific number of volunteer hours a family must give. But TESG appreciates your time and energy, and welcomes your ideas! Throughout the school year, our weekly newsletter will announce opportunities to get involved with the school community.

Whole-School Opportunities

There are so many ways to get involved and be a part of TESG! Watch your House newsletter for grade level specific opportunities, but the whole school also needs volunteers regularly. Right now, we are looking for help with the following tasks:

  • Beautification Working Group–Spring planting

Classroom Opportunities

Volunteering in your child’s classroom is another way to connect with TESG. We seek to make the time you spend in our school as productive as possible for you, for teachers, and for the students. If you wish to volunteer in your child’s classroom, let us know and we will share our protocol. We want to make sure that your time is valued and that there are specific tasks to be completed. We do ask that out of respect for the teacher and their daily plans, you communicate in advance if you wish to volunteer in the classroom. All volunteers will sign in through Ident-a-kid in the front office before and after they spend time in the school.

For more information, please refer to the TESG Volunteer Guidelines in Appendix 7 and to our volunteer policy here. 


Amazon Wish List:
The school has an Amazon wish list here. Don’t forget to use the site so any purchases also get credited to the school!Cleaning out the clutter? We are looking for the following:
The following supplies have also been requested, so if you have any of these items laying around, please consider passing them along to TESG!
  • old smartphones
  • lawn games
  • wagons 
  • carts and hand trucks
  • feminine products
  • printers
  • microwaves




Find out more about the School Improvement Team here.