2018-2019 Lunch Program

Many TESG students will bring lunches from home. Students who are unable or choose not to do so can participate in our lunch program. For 2018-2019, lunches will be provided by Deep Roots Market and Mellow Mushroom

The lunch program works like this:

  • Families will order lunches on a weekly basis using a web-based form. We must have an order form for any student who is to receive lunch. To reduce waste and prevent allergy concerns, no lunches will be ordered for a student unless a form is received each week. This includes families who qualify for free lunches. 
  • Families paying for lunches (full or reduced price) must pay in full before their orders will be placed. Payment is made separately from the order form by cash, check, or credit card (see below for details).
  • Each day, a representative from TESG will pick up the lunches from the vendor, bring them to TESG’s cafeteria kitchen, and sort them by lunch period.
  • Students will pick up their lunches in the cafeteria at the start of the lunch period.
  • Lunches include the main dish, fruit, vegetable, and water. 
  • Vegetarian and gluten-free options can also be ordered.

Free and Reduced Lunches

TESG will offer Free and Reduced Lunches for eligible families. Eligibility will be determined by an income survey utilizing the National School Lunch Program Income Eligibility Guidelines to determine which students fall within the Federal Poverty Guidelines and therefore qualify for the program. Families will indicate to the school their intent to participate in the program in their enrollment packet and complete the application to verify their eligibility. 

Ordering Lunches

On Monday, June 10, we have a special cook-out lunch planned! If you would like to order food for your child (or yourself, if you are volunteering), use the form here by Thursday 6/6 at 5pm.

Use the form here to order lunches:  6-3/ 6-7 2019

Please note that order forms open at noon on Thursdays and close at 5pm on Wednesdays. No orders can be placed after the form has closed. 

Everyone must place an order in order to receive lunches, including families who qualify for free lunch. If we do not receive an order, your child will not receive a lunch. We can not place orders on your behalf due to concerns about waste, allergies, and taste preferences.

You may pay for lunches by cash or check in the front office or by credit card below. If you receive reduced price lunches, please pay by cash or check. As reduced price lunches are $0.40 each, the total is too small for us to be able to accept credit card payments for reduced price lunches. If you qualify for free lunch, please indicate that on the order form.




Full Price Lunch