Lunch Program

Many TESG students will bring lunches from home. Students who are unable or choose not to do so can participate in our lunch program. Lunches are provided through the My Hot Lunchbox program. The program has partnered with a different local vendor each day to offer more variety for our students and staff. Once you’ve created your ordering account, you can view the vendor and menu options. Both adult and child meals are available.

The lunch program works like this:

  • Families will order lunches through My Hot Lunchbox’s web-based portal. Lunch orders must be placed by families. TESG will not order for a student, but we are happy to help families access the website in the front office. This includes families who qualify for free lunches. 
  • Families will pay for lunches (full or reduced price) through the My Hot Lunchbox portal. Families receiving free or reduced lunch will receive credits in their My Hot Lunchbox account that they can use for purchasing lunches. If lunch orders are placed that exceed the amount of credit, families are responsible for paying remaining balances.
  • Each day, the vendors will deliver the lunches to TESG and volunteers will help sort them by lunch period.
  • Students will pick up their lunches in the cafeteria at the start of the lunch period.
  • Many lunches include the main dish and side. Other vendors offer the option of ordering these separately. Depending on the vendor, certain meals may also include drinks or drinks may also be ordered. Please read each menu option carefully.
  • Vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free options can also be ordered.

Free and Reduced Lunches

TESG will offer Free and Reduced Lunches for eligible families. Eligibility will be determined by an income survey utilizing the National School Lunch Program Income Eligibility Guidelines to determine which students fall within the Federal Poverty Guidelines and therefore qualify for the program. Families will indicate to the school their intent to participate in the program in their enrollment packet and complete the application to verify their eligibility. The application form is part of the annual paperwork digital form.  If you indicated your eligibility in the enrollment packet or qualified last year, you receive an email with next steps in August. If you believe you qualify and have not received an email, contact for more information.

Ordering Lunches

To begin ordering lunches, click the link and follow the instructions on the to create your free account: ORDER NOW! 

Lunches can be ordered as far in advance as you prefer. You can even set up recurring orders to be sure you never forget! To ensure the vendor has time to process these large orders correctly, you must order by noon at least one business day before delivery. In other words, please place your order for Monday by the previous Friday, for Tuesday by Monday, etc. 

If you have any questions about My Hot Lunchbox, you can view the FAQs on their website, call them at (888) 894-8295, or email them at