Hey there, Triad! The Experiential School of Greensboro is a k-8 tuition-free public school located downtown. We were founded by a collaborative of experienced educators with an unwavering commitment to renew public education and offer a unique school choice for NC families. We are ready to engage students, teachers, families, and communities to address educational challenges for the public good!
We invite you to explore our website, attend a school event, and learn more about what TESG offers. If TESG seems right for you, visit our Enroll page to learn more about the lottery and admissions process!

Our Philosophy and Methods

We believe in children’s innate intelligence, curiosity, creativity, and wonder. We are a school that nurtures those characteristics and invites children to be active knowers/innovators and teachers to be facilitators of production. Inquiry-based, multi-modal learning experiences encourage children to explore their passions and work actively with their community. This experiential approach allows them to acquire basic academic skills and content knowledge (meet standards) while empowering them as engaged learners and socially conscious citizens. We aim for deep human engagement by reconnecting students and teachers with their learning and community through creative inquiry-based experiential education grounded in social justice.

At TESG, we also center our children’s social and emotional development. We believe children need to practice social skills, emotional regulation, and conflict resolution just as they practice reading and math. As such, we use Responsive Classroom and Restorative Practices to support students’ social and emotional development.

Click here to learn more about Experiential Education, Social Justice Education, Social/Emotional Learning, and Restorative Practices.

Our Location

Our school is more than our building. Experiential education requires us to expand the idea of “classroom” and make spaces for teaching and learning in the community. Downtown Greensboro, and Church Street, in particular, is the ideal location for such a school. The area is rich with resources our students can access as they do project-based learning, work with experts-in-residence, preform service, and participate in internships. Best of all, we can walk with students to a variety of museums, galleries, businesses, parks, theaters, community organizations, and universities. We can use public transportation and the Amtrak system to facilitate travel to areas beyond our immediate neighborhood. 

To make this expanded classroom possible, our school nurtures relationships with local museums, universities, community organizations, and businesses. We look forward to partnering with Elsewhere Living Museum, Greensboro Children’s Museum, the Center for Visual Arts, Triad Stage, GreenHill, and the International Civil Rights Museum–just a few among a growing list of folks who have expressed interest in developing programming with us. 

Our school also serves as an intellectual and experiential hub for educational researchers, future and current teachers, and interested community members who want to learn more about our practices and how to implement them in other spaces. Downtown Greensboro is a central location for the colleges and universities in the region, allowing educators a local place to research and practice experiential education. 

Calendar and School Day 
TESG will follow a 185 day calendar. Our school year will begin each year in late August and end in early June. Click here to view our school calendar.
The school day will run from 8:30-3:30, with school doors opening at 8:00. All children not attending an after school club, tutoring session, or activity must be picked up by 3:45.
Our Board of Directors
Our Board of Directors is in charge of ensuring that The Experiential School of Greensboro lives out its mission, maintains high academic standards, and remains financially secure. The members of the board represent diverse fields of expertise. For more information about the board members, please see their bios.